Hi, I'm Snoozeds. 👋

I'm an autodidact developer from England, UK. I mainly have experience with:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node (Backend).

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Toolkit: C#, GTK

Primarily built for Linux, Yanta ("yet another note taking application") is an open-source, simple and lightweight application for editing text files. It is currently in a limbo state. All code was contributed by me.

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Toolkit: Docker, Discord.JS, Redis, Express

DankRPG was an open-source Discord RPG and economy bot, with an in-depth fight system, duel system, 50+ commands, 60+ items, 100+ servers, automated events and quests. All code was contributed by me.

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Toolkit: Tailwind, Docsify, Bootstrap

I have made multiple websites for my own projects, all open-source on Github. I also wrote extensive documentation in the past, alongside working with Docker, Uptime-Kuma, and Ubuntu.